The reason for the population growth in Florida is simple: air conditioning. Before AC was a thing, not a whole lot of people lived in Florida. But the HVAC industry changed everything, for residents and businesses.

Commercial Use

The first units used a fan-coil system in order to provide cool air. They haven’t changed much, except now they can manage hot air and humidity better than before. These systems have always (and still) required regular maintenance, including filters that needed to be changed. Without AC, Florida businesses would have never thrived.

Residential Use

Residential units have always lacked the power of commercial units. Most of the original residential units only cooled one room. Today, a residential unit can cool a whole house. With the power of AC, the amount of people living and building homes in Florida exploded.


Whether you’re running an ancient air conditioning system or a new one, it’s wise to have the unit checked on an annual basis for any potential problems. This will help keep your unit working for as long as possible. Call Harris Air Conditioning and schedule an annual air conditioning repair appointment. We service Mount Dora, Eustis, Tavares, Leesburg, and Apopka.