Whether basking in the warm summer sun or enjoying the crisp cool winter air, Florida residents can maximize their cooling and heating system with regular air conditioning maintenance. With a small amount of foresight, knowledge and time, home and business owners can enjoy clean and efficient air conditioning and heating throughout the year.

One of the easiest and least expensive maintenance tasks is simply to frequently clean or replace air filters between visits from a professional. Not only does this improve the quality of the air within the home, it also extends the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Harris Air Conditioning’s service manager, Lonnie Cole, explained, “When we do a maintenance inspection, we’ll clean the drain lines, check the Freon levels, and change the filter, but keeping those filters clean between visits can make a big difference in air quality and efficiency.”

Preventing problems before they arise is ideal, and smart home and business owners rely on preventative maintenance plans to keep their systems working at peak efficiency and to ensure that should any problems arise, they are dealt with swiftly.

“If you are part of a yearly maintenance program, not only do you get us out annually to maintain your system during the year, but should we have to come out at any other time during the year you get a 10% discount on parts and labor every time we come out, and you also get reduced trip charges and priority service,” Lonnie says. “Priority service is so important, because on the first hot day of the season or the first cold day, we get a lot of calls. We have around-the-clock service, and we’ll have a huge spike over a weekend. What priority service means for customers signed up with maintenance agreements is that they go to the top of the list. If you call us and your unit is down, and you’re already on a plan, you are our priority.”

Of course, maintaining your system is in your best interest, but it also might be a requirement of your equipment’s warranty. Most manufacturers require annual maintenance and records to provide warranty coverage, and some require proof of regular preventative maintenance plans and services.

“Not following the maintenance schedule might be enough to void some warranties. “says Lonnie. “We recommend maintenance in the spring to get ready for the summer, and again in the fall to prepare for winter. It’s important to maintain the heating system, too.”